At Living our goal is to give you a home you can't wait to come home to.  Whether we are giving you a full design or just making a few suggestions we strive to give you a look that reflects you and your lifestyle.  From single city dwellers to large families in the suburbs we are here to assist in creating dynamic functional environments that work for our clients.   We surprise and delight the eye at every turn with a full layered look for the modernist or the traditionalist. Our passion runs deep and we LOVE design and our clients!


Kris Gorton: founder and designer

Kris Gorton has done design work for several commercial businesses in Dubuque including Body and Soul, Marella, Candle Ready Cakes, Inspire Cafe and her store in Living on Main in Dubuque, Iowa.  Locally she has done more residential.   She has several Million Dollar homes as well as Estate Properties under her design realm.   She has also worked with clients on location in second homes.  Please take a moment to look at the design gallery for pictures of her work. Kris has a Liberal Arts degree from St. Catherine's but it is not in Design, She left the accounting field to follow her passion and creativity and landed at Marshall Fields.  Kris was a member and manager of the Visual Presentation staff  for 15 years.  In that position she was responsible for the Visual Direction and staff of a large store.  She worked at Marshall Fields since her early years and was able to work with so many talented, brilliant people and honed her craft there under outstanding skilled designers and directors.  Working in such a large capacity, she was able to be a part of many major renovation projects as well as new shops such as Hilfiger, Channel, Ralph Lauren, countess specialty shops and seasonal shops.  At the flag ship store where Kris worked for years, they were also responsible for Private Parties, Fashion Shows, Special Events, Celebrity Visits, and Concerts.    Kris was selected for the traveling team that worked on the Govenor's Mansion, Walker Art Center and in her later years she traveled free lancing with the company to different regions. 

Tammy Imhoff:    Tammy is the process Manager. She also handles in store customer service as well as assisting the designers with their needs.  She has a long history of working with the public in both the insurance industry and other retail environments.   Tammy came to us because of her great love for the home design field and has the perfect disposition two work in this field. 

Isabelle Gorton: