Thanks so much for inviting us into your home.  I love your cozy spot nestled among the trees.  I tried to take into account your desire for color, need for more seating in the main room and desire to have people comfortable for your gatherings.  Our goal was also to pick unique items that would appeal to your desire for a modern and classic mix.

The needs:

 more seating, window coverings, comfort for friends to gather, table for ten prefer metal/glass,  color, modern and classic mix...desire for the space to read softer...

Our take:

Seating area:  The layout should be modified.  I would like to remove the cabinet and have a long sofa on that wall, two chairs would flank one side and the relaxor will be set off to the opposite side.  I also give you a generous coffee table which is more inclusive to the other seating which makes the center of the room in front of the fireplace stand out as the "true center" of the space.  Then we place two tables by the bench to allow for resting a cup or book while sitting in the window seat.  This configuration allows to take advantage of the lovely view, easier flow from the living to dining, allows for more seating, a cozier conversation area where all seats are included and warmth by the fireplace.  I would suggest we move the television if possible.  Perhaps thinking about putting on an arm on the wall in the dining and placing a piece of art over it.  This way you have the convenience of the television in the larger space yet artfully hidden when you are not watching it.  If you are interested please ask me and I can show you some options. 

Flooring: I would suggest using two large area rugs in the space.  These will be flat weave with great color to warm the entire space.  The patterns add interest and tie the whole space together.

Windows:  I would suggest a roman shade in the gray/cream stripe...this allows more texture and color for the space and adds softness to a area which will really make that spot seem cozy and warm.

Dining Area:  For the dining we chose 3 options for a table.  I realize you wanted to seat 10 but I was not able to make this work with the non traditional surface.  In order to have an expandable table it would need to be wood and since you preferred to have something other than wood we went in that direction.  I wanted to give you extraordinary choices here and I found three beauties.  One is a round and inlaid bone.  It is simply beautiful and is a statement in itself.  The other is a beautiful metal top with a nice deep rich wood leg.  This top will get worn over time but would not be considered a flaw but a beautiful aged look.  I also have a 3rd option of a beautiful hammered zinc top table with nail head.  If this were my home I would probably do the bone because it is truly an heirloom piece.  If you do either round you will not have head chairs.  The rectangle metal will have head chairs that stand out from the guest chairs.  They are also quite lovely and can be easily moved over to the living area.  If you still desire the 10 person table I would suggest making an inexpensive top to go over the table for those special times or doing a wood top table that allows for expansion.

Lighting:  We chose two amazing light fixtures for the space.  In the living area I would suggest removing the fan and adding the flake...This is truly as statement piece and I simply love it for you!  It is a very industrial piece that is beautiful in it's elegant structure and design.  For the dining we chose two softer woven pieces that work very well in your space and add great texture.

Color:  During the process, I concluded that you needed more contrast as well as color and more layers....the layers are so important in the design process as I am sure you are aware.  This will really bring your space to life, give it a feeling of warmth and make it unique to you.  I know you really wanted a wall color but in my conclusion we were able to get the color in the furnishings, pillows and especially the rugs. This would balance the color and contrast throughout the space adding texture and dimension.  If you however still feel the need for a color.  I would suggest a dark color on the wall with the fireplace.  That would naturally be the main focal wall in your home therefore would be the best to paint and I would suggest Cyberspace (SW7076).